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You probably found yourself here because you heard that I could help iron creases out of an English sentence or that I could explain English Language Grammar plainly yet logically to typical Malaysians.

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Looking forward to be part of your English Language improvement journey.


-Baini Mustafa


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Baini's story

Baini Mustafa is the owner of Book Hack Enterprise (002837759-A) and she is on a mission to make English Language communication a pain-free experience by clarifying Grammar conundrums and encouraging reading.

Although graduating in IT, Baini has always been called a walking dictionary throughout schooling and her entire life. She was always asked to ‘beautify’ sentences, to correct the grammar of a sentence and also to suggest a better word match. It was a little skill that she never really thought much about.

With a more than a decade of experience in the IT Industry, ranging from back office process, technical IT and management, in 2018 Baini gave up the security of the corporate 9-6 to launch on her own.

The birth of The Grammar Helpline and #fiftybooksayear are the brainchild products of Baini’s passion to see others live their best lives by doing better, being better and becoming better. It is her aim to elevate the enthutiasm of others toward life by being the best version of their selves.

Because everybody has a message/knowledge for the world. Let’s convey that message effectively.

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