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Anugerah Buku Perpustakaan Negara 2020

It is with great pleasure to announce here that my book, The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone! is a finalist for the Anugerah Buku 2020 by Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. It’s indeed humbling to have my first book nominated, then shortlisted, and now a finalist for the award. Anugerah Buku Perpustakaan Negara is an annual event that grants recognition for local authors and publishers. In the interest of supporting the industry players, Anugerah Buku Perpustakaan Negara welcomes the nomination of books published with ISBN information within the year.

Why I wrote the Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone!

The drive to create this book was not to win an award. In fact, the creation of The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone!, was to convey an explanation of the common grammar errors among Malaysians. It is my belief that we can fix what we understand. And by understanding, we can take advantage of our knowledge to create opportunities for ourselves. Albeit the premise of this story is simple, the underlying message carries the complexity of the challenges one needs to face to get ahead in life.

As I am an IT graduate from a local public University, the book underpins the reality graduates face upon completing their studies. The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone unpacks a lot of truth in the way we communicate, our expectations from life, and the perspective we cast on others. Furthermore, The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone offers the remedies to such ‘ailments’ too.

Grammar Inaccuracies Impact Professional Communication

The main takeaway from the book though is the eleven (11) common grammar errors among Malaysians. Consistent with the main themes of my website (English grammar e.g Moreover vs. Furthermore here and effective reading e.g how to choose nonfiction books here), the book showcases common grammar errors among Malaysians through simple conversations between the janitor and a recent graduate. Simple explanations of the correct use of grammar are also available to cement readers’ comprehension.

Incorrect use of grammar mars the efficiency of our communication. Reducing miscommunication with the correct use of grammar increases comprehension, enhances meeting effectiveness, and boosts confidence. Other than that, the incorrect use of grammar tarnishes the branding or reputation of a professional body.

Grammar Is Not Just A Set of Rules

It is a common belief that English Grammar consists of rules pertaining do’s and don’ts. The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone! aims to show that the key to the correct use of grammar is comprehension. Understanding the use of correct grammar delivers our message effectively, even when done creatively.

Creativity that capitalises on our sense of comprehension hone thinking skills that are otherwise left dormant. As a generation that is used to the carrot-stick approach, we lose touch with our power of creation. We often sacrifice our creative talent in exchange for acceptance from others. The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone addresses such self-doubt with a talk on defining success.

Deep Comprehension Has Zero Value Unless It Benefits Others

Knowledge and comprehension have no value if they don’t create a positive impact on others. In order to affect others positively with our knowledge, skill, and comprehension – effective communication is key. Effective communication skill allows a person to convey his/her ideas effectively to benefit those who need their help the most. Imagine if Steve Jobs couldn’t convey his idea of the iPhone, nobody would have benefited from his forward-thinking design concepts.

Teaming deep comprehension in a subject with communication skills creates exponential benefits to others. Creating value from your knowledge and comprehension by providing a positive impact on others is how you create an opportunity for yourself. Using correct grammar not only allows your knowledge to benefit more people, but it also shows more credibility for growth. Eloquence in one’s subject is the key that unlocks the door to opportunity.


The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone! was written to help shift the common perspective on the importance of English Grammar. Besides that, the book sets to motivate youngsters to toughen up when faced with adversities and to read more quality materials. The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone is made of one story, eleven notes on common grammar errors and how to correct them, and three articles on effective reading.

The validation the book receives from being a finalist of Anugerah Buku Perpustakaan Negara is indeed a privilege. It is my wish to write more, finding inspiration from adversities and the courage that propagates from the need for a breakthrough in life. In my hearts of hearts, I believe everyone is born with a special set of talents that one needs to learn harness. Once one can do that and communicate his/her ideas well, the world becomes an oyster. As did The Janitor’s Elysium – Grammar Errors Begone!

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