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How To Start Reading Again

Many come up to me and tell me how much they used to read but life just happens and suddenly they haven’t read for years! I totally understand this situation because I remember a time in my life when I did not read enough books and it was easy to let the habit slip away. Building the momentum is the easiest way to dust yourself up and start reading again, but I also know from my experience that it is easier said than done. Check out my three top tips to on how to start reading again.


Seriously. I am not anti book box-sales but if reading one book overwhelms you, imagine the pressure of reading that 30 books you had just stuffed into that box. Always put in research before purchasing any book to make sure that you would really invest your time in finding out its beauty. The research would also build excitement as you anticipate having the book in your hands to flip through the magic that flies in between the pages.


When picking up a book, find out about the author and not the story plot. Chances are, you are more engaged to sentences pieced by an author that has a lot in common with you. This is necessary, especially if you are planning to read non-fiction. If you are male, works in the management line, watches football – pick up Leading by Alex Ferguson and find yourself immersed in the ink. If you are female, have a close-knit family and looking for love – pick up Jojo Moyes and find yourself lost in her world of beautiful literary.


If you find a book boring, JUST ABANDON IT. I have mentioned this many times because it is really important for books to have a good rapport with your mind. It is not that the book is bad, it is just not your kind of book and what is more important than that is YOU DON’T STOP LOOKING. Don’t feel demotivated that you have not finished any book you bought because chances are, you haven’t found your type. If you are more drawn to images then try graphic novels. Do yourself a favour and don’t beat yourself up for not liking what you read. Don’t try to fit yourself into an ‘ideal reader’ box because there is no such thing. The world is bigger than we know and nobody should confine themselves to ideals, even when it comes to book selection.

If you need more tips or how-to’s about reading, leave a comment or email me as you like. I believe everybody should read and there is more ways than one to do just that.

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