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Reading Isn’t As Important As You Think

In a day’s work, it is a hard to come by a person who is illiterate.

But why is it that people who should understand the simple direction of an arrow, drive in the opposite direction?

The problem we face nowadays is not in getting people to read, but in getting people to read the right things, verified text, clean information. It is astounding how people would much prefer to agree with parenting advice by a celebrity astronaut than parenting advice from certified psychologists whom had published books on parenting. Seeking for verified information is a responsibility held upon all those who are literate for the privilege. Reading is the gateway to enlightenment, yes, but decision have to made on the choice of enlightenment to pursue.

In the same light, we can go through lines and paragraphs of reading to get to know new things, exciting things, but do you notice how the text deduce you to a conclusion? At that moment of realisation, do you allow the text to influence you? Do you agree with everything, do you agree but do a little Googling on the side to verify or do you read to the end of the text while thinking about your next meal?

Besides reading the right things and coming to your own conclusions, applying the knowledge is the pinnacle of reading success. Being able to live by the principles you come into contact with from books, taking the time to understand it and using your hands to create value for other people is far more important than just reading. What if Thomas Alva Edison knew how electric worked but decided to sit on the knowledge?

I will conclude today’s blog with this – Reading is not as important as you think, if your knowledge doesn’t benefit others.

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