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Three Effective Ways to Cultivate Sustainable Reading Habits

Cultivating sustainable reading habits isn’t rocket science. There is however, an art to it which not only cultivates the habit of reading that is easy to sustain, it cultivates the love and hunger for knowledge too. Find out the three effective ways to cultivate sustainable reading habits, be it for adults or children.

Learn the Art of Creating A Habit

Groping for our phones on the nightstand right after we wake up is a norm now.

According to Robin Sharma in his book, 5 AM Club (my review here), in order to become the master to our body and mind we need to counteract our body’s need for comfort and begin to put the body in motion to work right after we wake up in the morning. When you subscribe to the 20-20-20 method for a 66-days minimum, you would see that it is so much easier to build other habits that you intend to create.

Having a mind that is the sole master of the body makes it easy for you to tell yourself to pick up a book instead of your phone. A mind that owns its body makes it easy for you to focus on your book instead letting your mind get distracted. A mind that is king and the body its slave, is key to staying put and finishing the book you have set in your mind to finish reading.

The best thing about this tip is that it can be applied to cultivate any habit that you have set out to achieve.

Find Books That Read You

Although it is not necessary to read an entire library, it is necessary to find about 100 books that you love and keep reading and re-reading your whole life. In order to find that 100 loves, you may need to read an entire library of more than one library!

In finding books that you could complete easily and read in joy, you must find books that could engage you, that speaks to you, that reads you. Books that touch you are the books that could explain your feelings, give labels to ideas you once had or describe your experience when you were once lost for words. The book reads you, and gives you what you need to hear/see/read.

If you have not found these kind of books yet, fret not, that only means you have not gone through enough books to meet the best one. I hope this is a life-long quest for everybody in the search for your place in the book world. Book-Reader compatibility is an important factor that determines whether or not you would finish the book.

I urge all those who are keen to become a reader to let yourself experience a book that you just can’t put down. And after that, seek for that excitement, that contentment when you look for in your next read. The nuance you experience between a book you enjoy and a book that bores you is the subtle hint that yonder in the back of your mind – that the book is reading you.

I especially experience this when I read any Malcolm Gladwell book. Have you found a book that reads you?

Why not make 2020 the year of #fiftybooksayear? Check out the way to go through fifty books in a year here.

Express Yourself by Writing

There is an uncanny tie between reading and writing. Most of the time, one would notice that a person who reads extensively are skillful writers. They spun words into silks in the form of text.

Expressing yourself in the form of writing – be it in a journal as a braindump or as an outlet to your bottled feelings and thoughts – builds hindsight in appreciating the immersive beauty of the writings in books. By being aware of the writing style you want to be inspired by, you lose yourself into more books to hone your writing skills.

If you have little kids, the best way to ignite a child’s interest in reading is to give them a piece of cartoon and have them create the conversation between the characters. After a few practice, the child’s confidence in their writing would develop in leaps and bounds that reading becomes an interest that they voluntarily want to pursue.

The deepest core to the love of writing is the love for reading. You may find people who love reading but not writing. But you would never find a person who loves writing that don’t like reading.

As an adult, I believe this method kills two birds with one stone. Imagine the advantage you have with the skill of articulating yourself and the knowledge you gain from your extensive reading.

In conclusion, cultivating the habit of reading is made sustainable when the it is pursued to create more good habits, to cover your interests or curiosities and to hone your skill in communicating and articulating yourself.

At we are all for helping people to convey their message/ideas/thoughts effectively, hence our strong advocate for reading.

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