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Three Important Reasons to Stop Reading

There are times when it is important to stop reading. Taking a short break from reading is not easy, but will reward you in surprising ways. Find out how a stop from reading can benefit you, more importantly, it potentially can save you.

In my years of reading, I’m aware that reading is best done actively. What that means is that you need to be keen to read the book, NOT keen to finish the book. And not many people understand or see the difference between ‘reading’ and ‘finishing’ a book. Hence my post, to show you why you can STOP reading a book.

Here are the three telltale signs to stop reading.


I have probably mentioned this a few times now and I would still repeat this: Put the book down if you’ve lost interest. It is very important that you not waste time on something you don’t like. If the book doesn’t keep you coming back after the first chapter, move on. Don’t take it personally, that book was just not your ‘type’.

Sometimes people force themselves with books because they feel that they have invested money to purchase the book. Hear me out when I say this – Knowing what doesn’t interest you is also an investment. Think of it as a price tag for a lesson about your self. Think of all the types of books you could focus on, once you know which you could eliminate.


I have endured many of these books and I have also returned ones that were badly edited (the ones that I paid full price). It is very important for readers to return the books because, more and more books at the bookstores seem to have this problem. And of course businesses are out there to make money, even over consumers’ ignorance.

So please, stop reading if the book has grammatical errors and return your purchase. Publishers should be responsible as to only release quality books because that’s what you paid for. If consumers keep buying and never returning the low quality books, publishers would just sit on the sales profit.

Equally as important, is to show publishers that you expect nothing less than good quality. Think of this as a way to support the publishing industry to strive to be better at what they do. Any reputable business would see such feedback as a constructive criticism to improve their service.


There is a high tendency to imitate the writing style of the author you have just read. Not because you do not have your own writing style, but because you spend a lot of time with his/her book, that it became natural to adopt what you like.

So if you do write, it’s good to take a reading hiatus before you craft your own writing. This is especially important if you aim to be consistent with your writing style, so that it would reflect your personality. Being in touch with your personal writing style requires a lot of writing practice. On the other hand, being inspired by others’ writing style requires a lot of reading. Be sure you know the difference so that you serve your purpose.

This is only easy when you’ve established the habit of reading while taking notes. As the notes help as a reference point for your writing, without having to reach out for the entire book. When jotting notes, one should reconstruct the original sentence from the author. Process the information you read and avoid jotting down word-for-word from the author. This way, your note taking is of inspired ideas from the author.

Thought process is the glue that binds your knowledge and experience into wisdom. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts and the ideas you generate when you read. Present the fruits in your own words – that is why it’s important to stop reading from other authors for a while before you embark on your own writing.


Although I only talk about books and reading, I would also like to caution of the detrimental effects when reading bad quality writing online. Just do yourself a favour and do not accept bad writing quality. I know it’s in exchange for some fun and excitement, but beware that the writing most probably did not come from a reputable source to begin with.

With that, keep reading good quality books. That breathes into you good communication skills. Because good communication skills help convey your message/ideas/thoughts effectively. And the world NEEDS to know the stuff only you know. So, are you going to sit on your potential, or would you like to do your bit for the world?

The ideas in your head are only as good when they’re outside, for the world to know.

Now I’m curious, are you an avid reader but you find you hold yourself back unnecessarily? Do you go through many books but feel that you’re stagnant in life? Let me know in the Comment section below. Or if you are a Baini Mustafa Weekly Email subscriber, simply reply to me. That said, if you’re interested to subscribe to my weekly email where I share stuff I don’t anywhere else, you may subscribe here.

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