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Why I Started Book Hack Enterprise.

I have always been an avid reader. I have not lived a day without having a book I was currently reading. Since forever. I am  always on a book after a book after a book. You get my point.

Some people ask me how I do this because they too, want to read but can’t find the time and the right materials. I thought, “Well, I want to to be a gym bunny like you too, I want to bake like you too, I want to run marathons like you too. But I can’t find the time.”

Then it dawned on me that different people own different interest and make time according to their interest.

While fitness is important, I can’t get myself to the gym everyday. While baking is fun, I can’t get myself to love the cleaning. While running a marathon is glorious, I am sure I can convince myself other more worldly rewarding experience. While reading is advantageous, not everybody is keen to spend the time to read cover to cover and taking the time to review what he/she read.

That’s where I come in place. I understand that many people want to read (just like how I want to get into fitness), so I come up with reviews of the business books I read, dissect the idea from the book and present it in a form that doesn’t require other people to read cover to cover to enjoy its benefits.

And then most magical of things happened after I did that.

Many people reached out to me about books – for suggestions, for explanations, for tips. And it never dawned to me that people wanted to learn English Language from me too.

Organically, The Grammar Crisis Helpline with Baini (now known as The Grammar Helpline) branched from there and so many good twigs grew from there for this tree, rooted by a small business called Book Hack Enterprise.

I have my subscribers to be thankful for – and for that, I would like to invite you for a get-together on the 27th of Oct 2019 (Deepavali weekend, Sunday), in the vicinity of Cyberjaya. Do comment in the below section if you are interested to join me in my FIRST EVER APPRECIATION MAKAN-MAKAN DO (hi-tea)! If you are already subscriber to The Baini Mustafa Newsletter, you may simply reply to my email to get in touch with me.

I am sooooo excited to meet all of you!

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    Can I get your person incharge / office number of book hack enterprise regarding eperolehan ?

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